May 7 Fishing Report

!cid___facebook_28656Fishing remains great, especially early. Sunday, Robert and I fished David Frisbie,

and his friend Blake. David is a rep for “Tightlines and Big Tines” as well as “Evo

Outdoors”. He and Blake caught several big fish, and we had alimit by 9:00, and

threw back several after that, including several twenty inch fish.


Then Monday, we fished John Roberts and three of this friends. They caught

a ton of fish, again limiting by 9:00 a.m., andĀ releasing a lot after getting their

limit of 40 stripers.


Live bait is still working best, but we are seeing more and more surface activity,

especially right after daylight. So it won’t be longĀ  before the top water season



We are catching most of the big ones in shallow water, no deeper than 25 feet,

with some as shallow as four feet! When they left the shallow flats Sunday, we

did find a huge school in the river channel, including a few twenty inch fish,

but most were caught less than thirty feet deep, although they were in over

fifty foot of water.


Just let Robert and I know if you are interested in booking a trip, the sooner the

better. We have most days booked several weeks in advance, but if you want to go

on a date we are booked, we will be happy to try and get you a good guide.